Pet Photography Secrets

You can dramatically improve the quality of your pet pictures following any number of the tips below. Of course, you should try to incorporate all the elements whenever possible. To get 8 pet photography secrets, just keep reading…1. Consider the context and environment. Your pet should be happy and comfortable if at all possible. Familiarity is a good thing and will improve your chances of a great photo. Be aware of the background, including colors and textures. Also, consider distractions, such as strong smells, other animals, and so forth. In summary, be aware of your surroundings and how your pet might react.2. Be aware of your pet’s personality. Think about the unique elements or features of your pet, such as eyes, hair, size and so forth. Also, consider your pet’s personality. What makes your pet special? I’m sure you have plenty of good ideas; capitalize on them. Set the stage and be prepared for capturing awesome shots.3. Select the right height. You’ll want to be on the same level of your pet. If you’re not careful, you’ll get too many “down” shots since most humans are taller than their pets. You’ll get more interesting shots, including lighting and colors and shadows, if you lower yourself. This is a similar tip to photographing children. It works.4. Move in closer to your pet. Dogs and cats are smaller than humans. If you’re not careful, your pet will end up being a small part of the picture. Experiment with close up shots. You’ll be able to get some great shots of textures this way. You’ll also be able to focus on unique animal elements, like fur and paws. If you don’t have a zoom lens, think about getting one. This is one the great pet photography secrets.5. Experiment with lighting. This is really important because good lighting can make a photograph excellent but poor lighting can ruin an otherwise nice photo. Use natural lighting as much as possible. It is usually best to avoid flash photography since it spooks many pets. Plus, animals are prone to red eye.6. Consider action and playtime shots. If someone else can take the pictures, one of the best pet photography secrets is to play with your pet and capture the moment. Include key elements, such as dog bones or cat toys since they are natural. Have an enjoyable time and your pet will produce some excellent shots for you.7. Get humans in the photograph. On the topic of context and environment, remember that people and pets go hand in hand. While isolated shots can be nice, you can add real excitement and interest by getting people involved. Children and pets are a wonderful combination. Small children with big animals or big men with small toy dogs or kittens will make anyone smile.8. Experiment with both posed shots and random shots. While posed shots are nice to have, you should also try catching your pet in candid situations. Catch them when they don’t expect it. Catch them sleeping or when they are playing. If you try too hard and focus too much getting the perfect shot, you won’t have fun. One of the most important pet photography secrets is to have fun!